Quick Start Guide

Now that you have your new website you will need to set up a few things initially. You will need to add a new season, locations, opponents and users. To do this you will need to be logged in and have administrative rights. You will find the Site Admin link at the top left side of the website, in orange text. If this link is not visible it means the user that you've logged in as does not have administrative permissions.

1. Add a new season: Go to Admin->Regular Season->Season List and click "Add Season"

2. Add locations: Go to Site Admin->Regular Season->Locations. Enter your locations, these will be used when you schedule your games and events

3. Add opponents: Go to Admin->Regular Season->Opponents and add opposing team name to the Master List, you will then need to add your new opponents to the season you just created. Click the check-box beside each opponent and click submit to add them to the current season. These will now be available when scheduling regular season games

4. Create a roster: Add users in Admin->Site Setup->Users then add each user to the roster in Admin->Team Setup->Roster

5. Assign player positions: Go to Admin->Team Setup->Positions and check off all applicable positions for each player. Substitute players must be assigned both a position and 'sub' status.

6. Assign jersey numbers: Add jersey numbers for each player in Admin->Team Setup->Jerseys. Jersey numbers must be unique and will be used to enter statistics.

7. Add staff: Users not assigned to a roster can be specified as staff in Admin->Team Setup->Staff. Staff members can have their roles and titles added in Admin->Team Setup->Staff 

8. Add a schedule: Now you can add game schedules by going to schedule games in Admin->Regular Season->Schedule

9. Check different site options: Be sure to check out all the team options available to you in Admin->Site Setup->Site Options to enable such things as automatic e-mail confirmations, custom pages and different statistics

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